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Woo Animal Puff: Panda
Woo Animal Puff: Cat
Woo Animal Puff: Hedgehog

Woo Animal Puffs

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Woo is the word for these cute, trendy, squishy critters. Featuring a zoo’s worth of popular creatures.


Designs: Cat, Panda, Hedgehog


*You may request certain colors/designs in the Notes section of Your Cart. You may request different colors/designs for different products and/or different colors/designs in the order you prefer. (Ex: Boinks Marble Fidget- 1st Choice: Blue, 2nd Choice: Green, 3rd Choice: Pink, etc.) If you are getting multiple of the same product, please specify if you want them to be the same color/design or not. We will try our best to get you your preferred color but specific colors/designs cannot be guaranteed. Sorry for any inconvenience.*